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GenXia is a concept of future earth void of men. Currently theres 3 active projects within this world.

The Sand Sisters

The world of GenXia starts with two sisters in the desert by the surge crater. After loosing their tribe in a power grid surge, they travel deeper into the desert, near the floating rocks.
This is a mainly textbased project.

Characters, text snippets etc.

Generation Xia

Xia is a descendant from the sand tribes. A tinker without capability to fuse. She left the desert outskirts looking for the last great mother AI, tending to the city of Venice.
This is a project ment to become a longer graphic novel.

Concepts, pages


Take one of the last natural born earthlings from a cow farm on mars. Hand her a state of the art ship, nearly unlimited funds and get her a best friend named Bob, a male travellers mind jammed into a female sex-bot. Watch the carnage.

Random brainsoup servings

Latest Constructs; edited AI renders